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Products Design’n Chic

The products combine the transparency of the acrylic glass and Plexiglas ® with other materials such as wood or metal. And the magic works like a real play of light, reflections and transparency.

We use transparent colorless material, color and opaque, a subtle blend of grace and elegance.

The object created is combined with all your interior and your clothes, in perfect harmony. Both modern and classic, it adapts to yourchanging lifestyle and furnishings, and is still current.


The cleaning

You can clean your items in plastic or Plexiglas ® with water and mild soap or other suitable materials.

There are also cleaning products appropriate. You will find one of them in our online store.

Never use gasoline or solvents, alcohol, or chamois.



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The range consists of Design’n Chic Collections to 7 individuals, and a catalog for professionals and artists.

Our 7 Collections

Bags and Accessories, Tableware, Home and decoration, lighting, space collector, Gifts, Personalization.

You’ll find small furniture design easily integrated into your living spaces, lamps and various mood lighting, stunning evening bags, original and chic for your outings to make an exception to fade your friends and many elegant objects and useful. Find them now in our online store.

Personalize your gift: a tray, key rings, a frame with a picture and text of your choice, laser engraved.

And you might like our range Design’n Chic Plexi Kit.

A basic unit blocks that stack and are juxtaposed, as you wish: you create your furniture yourself.

the Catalogue

It contains non-standard products to professionals, from fitters and dealers, who would control significant amounts of the latter.



Our collections