Design’n chic : A family history and passions

Design’n chic company results from 4 generations of knowledge and expertise in the field of plastics and plastics machining, thermo-forming, with a real pleasure of materials and artistic sensitivity, combined with extensive experience in project management High tech …

A Northern France company

Design’n Chic, was founded in Lille in March 2011.

Design’n Chic is processing plastics. The offer covers

– Study, Design, Prototyping, Product Manufacturing on Plan

– Creation / Design and Marketing collection “Design’n chic” line,

– Industrial Project management

The company proposes unique items but also mass produced series : industrial pieces, POS, fixtures, decorations, displays and shelves, showcases, pedestals of statues, …

The crystal material is married to other materials, technology and High Tech.

The Collections are designed and manufactured in France.


Our artisans master:

• The transformation of plastics by thermoforming and machining

• The printing of plastic

• The rapid prototyping

Plastic compounds

Plastics are synthetic organic materials, animal, vegetable or mineral.Thermoplastics which are shaped Plexiglas ® hot. They are recyclable.

The dominant material of the products Design’n Chic is PMMA, polymethyl methacrylate. We also use: PC (polycarbonate), PVC (vinylpolychrorure), PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PE (Polyethylene).

PMMA, (eg Plexiglas ®) is very attractive, transparent, rigid, resistant to atmospheric agents.

Some products make use of other materials such as wood, metals /alloys, fabrics, leather finish and design.