vitrine placomusophile

Collectors, this display case may be for you …

Champagne lovers, connoisseurs of good bottles and good vintages you surely know the muselet which adorns the corks of bottles from big houses. Have you never thought of collecting and exhibiting these wonders. This luxurious display highlights your most beautiful pieces. Indeed, its transparency lets the object appear in all its splendor.

displays for collectors

But do you know what a muselet is?

The wire cage consists of a metal wire cage and a metal plate bearing the name of the champagne producer. Placed on the cap, the plate is tightened around it, to prevent it from jumping under the effect of pressure. The often decorated plaques thus serve as the brand image of the Houses and protect the cap of the wire cap.
All the muzzle are distributed and placed automatically by a pneumatic machine, the “muzzle”.

The role of the cork is also absolutely essential, because it is the guardian of the quality of the wine. The sealing must be easy and regular in order to ensure a perfect seal. Unclogging must be done effortlessly, but with a certain amount of restraint. The plug once removed from the neck should take the form of a mushroom. In order to rediscover all these qualities, the Champagne Houses use cork as the only material for the constitution of these corks.

To learn more about capping and muzzle closure, click here.

So, convinced? New collectors?