bijoux fantaisie

Fantasy jewelry is back

The attraction for Fantasy jewelery is increasing, thanks to new materials and fashion.

After a fall on the attractiveness of costume jewelry the recovery is felt: +3% in 2016 and probably more this year. New materials such as the “capim dourado”, or vegetable gold, are coming in. It is a funny grass that shines like gold. This material grows in the plains of Brazil and keeps its shine once harvested. It is the economic resource of the State of Tocantins. But Europeans are only beginning to discover this treasure obviously less expensive and lighter than metal.

Other unexpected materials

bijoux fantaisieIt is in Peru (South America) that a French brand is looking for butterfly wings. Butterflies are raised on a farm approved by the International Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. But the wings are collected when the butterflies die. Today it has become a fair trade and a technique for transforming wings into pendants and earrings.

One of the main themes of the winter to come is the garden of Eden, an abundant nature. Flowers, butterflies, all kinds of insects in glass beads, feathers or velvet ribbons in red, pink, lilac and green. These jewels of imposing size mix materials, horn, wood, Chinese silk but also plexiglass and stainless steel.


The Jewel of pleasure

Fantasy jewelry is a pleasure purchase. The French spent last year 1.8 billion euros for their costume jewelry. Sales made especially in store, it is part of the pleasure of buying and fashion stacking. It consists of stacking collars or rings.

But the real chic is not a bracelet on the wrist but a whole collection. Same for necklaces or even rings, a great boost from fashion to jewelry designers!