Muselets showcase

What are muselets? Do solutions exist for the storage of collections of unique pieces: coins, tourist tokens, champagne capsules. Is it a headache to find the right material for your wish? Design’n chic offers you its transparency solutions for token collectors. That’s how we discovered the passion of

The art of collecting champagne and sparkling wine caps is called placomusophilia.

Muselets are the metal piece that covers the cap, itself fixed with a wire and covered with metallized paper. The decoration of the muselets allows each champagne house to communicate its image, its outstanding cuvée, its regional belonging. This metal capsule attracts the eye and the desire to collect!

These muselet plates were born in 1844 thanks to M Adolphe Jacquesson who filed a patent to propose a waterproof system that would fix the cork. therefore, he proposed the bias of an iron plate (the muselets) and wire.

Sign of recognition of the big champagne houses, original and distinguished decoration of the biggest vintages, the muselets contribute to reinforce the mark and the prestige of the bottles which it accompanies.

Collectors are placomupusophiles.

The showcase of design’n chic offers a magnificent staging of the muselet plates, coins, tourist tokens, with an essential transparency to judge the bottom, the circle, the border and the central motif. It allows the placomusophile to discern the provenances, the value and the side of its wireworms.