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The plexi loves luxury.

The seduction of transparency of plexi

In search of lightness and purity, the transparency of plexi has everything to seduce. It is married to any material and any color. Sometimes even it disappears from the look to highlight the solitaire or the object to sublimate The height of luxury is to inspire glamor and delicacy, to seduce.

Plexi, a play of light

Plexi is an excellent light conductor. Alone, he lets the light run on the fields of his geometric forms, like a guide. Associated with leds, it diffuses rays which transform themselves according to the chosen colors. Depending on the power and the angle of illumination, it varies from opaque to scintillating. In luxury boutiques, the products to be presented float like weightlessness. In Isabel d’Esquermoise’s jewels, we can see only the stones she inserts into it. It’s the magic that operates.

An allied material of design fabrications

What a pleasure to associate plexi with more traditional materials such as wood, marble, metal, silk or other unusual materials to bring a touch of modernity, design, innovation, and timelessness. Who did not like Stark’s creations with pure and simple lines? “That’s how I imagine my collections,” promises Isabel d’Esquermoise. And how not to fall in love with this art that is less than a century old, when one was born in the plexi of the first transparent maternity cradles.

Plexi loves luxury and luxury loves plexi

In terms of luxury, the transparency of plexi has become the essential of a current and pure style.


Isabel / Design’n Chic