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Long hesitations before launching the men’s signet rings. Indeed, do men wear rings?

Defined as a ring with a large plate on which are engraved numbers, monograms or even a coat of arms, the men’s signet ring is one of the rare jewels to have played a role in history. It was an identity and social representation. But usage has evolved.

History of the signet ring (by Jaubalet-Paris)

The history of the signet ring dates back to the millennium. At the time, the significance of the signet ring among the Greeks and the Romans in particular was that of a symbol of power. It showed the authority of the person who wore it. The signet ring became trendy again at the end of the 17th century, after having been forgotten for a while. That is to say at the beginning of this same century. This is how the new princes began by having their personal stamps and the most affluent, the coat of arms of their family. It gave them the opportunity to affix their signature with a wax seal on an official document.

Today, thanks to schooling and teaching, the signet ring has gradually and slowly lost its need. However, it should be remembered that for men, the signet ring is not a ring like the others. It is symbolic, elegant, commands respect and also carries a message.

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