by Isabel d'esquermoise, Crystal fashion accessories

Crystal fashion accessories by Isabel d’Esquermoise, PLEXI SEDUCTION every day.

A collection of crystal accessories with a Haute Couture, Design and Chic look.

The Cristal by Isabel d’Esquermoise collections from Design’n Chic are costume jewelery and timeless fashion accessories. The designer takes you into the seduction of the acrylic crystal material. She makes you discover a set of sublime transparent creations, incorporated with swarovski and semi-precious stones. Its unique models are all handcrafted in France. It is the heritage of Lille know-how, since 1930.

Incredible lightness, with ethics.

In a haute couture style, elegance and originality characterize Isabel’s creations of jewelry and fashion accessories. It is this acrylic crystal base that gives them an amazing lightness. And that makes them so comfortable to wear! As for the transparency, it plays with the light… It creates magical reflections, because they transform the object in a few moments. It is therefore the PLEXI SEDUCTION that operates.

This seductive bewitchment makes the collections of clip pendants extraordinary. And you will also find surprising jewelry barrettes ideas. All will enchant and sublimate you. And the designer will also personalize your adornments to your outfits, on special request. So what are you waiting for to discover Isabel’s view of crystal fashion accessories