bow tie

Outstanding nice bow ties, made in France.

Isabel d’Esquermoise presents her most beautiful creations of bow ties for men, women and children, especially tailor-made. Isabel is the creator of crystalline happiness. “Our materials make you dream, and seduce with their sparkles and multiple reflections”.
In order to be at the top of the chic for weddings or other important formal cocktail party, graduation ceremony etc., women (not all of course ) like men in bow ties.
And each bow tie is made in Lille (Hauts de France) in crystal material mainly, with the greatest care. “Our bow ties are much more, the result of a subtile marriage of noble materials associated with the creations”.
Also, our quality men’s accessories are timeless jewelry.

Here you will find bow ties of original colors, sublime shades online : Slim bow tie, Large bow tie, Flat bow tie, Bespoken bow tie.
We particularly like pastels and transparent colors. But all colors are possible to measure, on color chart. And the plexiglass seduction always remains at the rendezvous of elegance.

Custom made bow ties for men, women and children

Our on-site collections are limited, because above all we offer a tailor-made choice of bow ties, a very creative and original style, which represents our family know-how since 1930. We thus create original patterns full of fantasy, and unusual, but elegant shapes: oversized, pointed or rounded or super classic. Our creations are limited only by our imagination and desires of the moment. The bow tie also has its daily wearers.
“Slim, oversized, or with patterns, it’s up to you in my crystal sewing workshop in Lille”.

And do not think that the bow tie is only for men. They are so pretty that we offer them to you women, and the children’s versions are bespoken articles. Ask us, we will match them to your outfits. Tailor-made is our business.

Special Wedding

And more. We equip your witnesses and your little groomsmen procession, with the matching bows for girls for the hair, bracelets, or other cool little items that will replace the flower bouquet for the children of honor.

So if you are looking for a dress code for your wedding, you have come to the right place.
Contact Us, because we will guide you, and create tailor-made, according to your personality and your desires, and your favorites. So that one day becomes an eternity, your knots can be with you all your life. You will surely find happiness.
Exclusive to Design’n Chic. Made in France in its entirety. We also make your complete outfits, with our partner and friend FLOCOUD. We take care of you. Service included.