Plastic Materials

Our work is Plastic Materials processing.

We work with all thermoformable Plastic Materials. In facts, we are experts in PMMA (*), PC, PETG, PVC, PP, PE, POM …).For example, We transform them by machining, engraving, thermoforming, shaping, assembly, transparent gluing, welding, folding, printing …

This know-how allows us to cut and engrave multi-materials (composites, wood, cardboard, paper, leather ..), not only plastic materials. Consult us for your customized products.

We support you according to your needs on customized services, such as project management, with our network of partners, installation, delivery, and design.

(*) Our partners: Altuglas, Plexiglas … etc


Plastics processing is a recent industry that continues to innovate and surprise in plastics and materials properties

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