Customized displays and showcases

Our Experience

We are a partner and subcontractor of well known companies for their plastic displays . Therefore, do not hesitate to consult us for your custom needs for showcases and other merchandising accessories, from single units to large scales.

Because Design’n Chic offers professionals and wholesalers convenient solutions for :

– manufacturing of standard products on plan and made to measure in Standard plastic point of sales (POS) and

– very DESIGN personalization services

Also know that standard products are sold without any brand. They are manufactured industrially by our parent company.

Origin and markets

THen, let us explain Design’n chic (Design & Chic), -the boutique of acrylic glass and French elegance-. It is a TPE from Lille. Its creator -stylist handcaft woman- essentially works with a colourless, innovative, fascinating material: PMMA. It is more often known as plexiglass (*). She combines it with wood, leather,  various textiles – she calls this the French couture of plexi-, and with Swarovski elements or semi-precious stones that she embeds.

Above all, this French brand reveals its audacity through creations enhanced by the incredible properties of acrylic crystal and its huge potential for creativity.

(*) for info: Plexiglas is 15 times more resistant than glass. Its transparency allows more than 90% of the light to pass, unlike 80% of glass. It is incredibly resistant to water, light and shock. Amazing!

Plastics specialist since 1930.

In fact, the Design’n Chic house inherits the family know-how of 1930. Because it will not be until 2011 that the Design’n Chic brand is born. In the Lille workshop, we have indeed kept all the first generation machines. What lucky situation! So, Isabel d’Esquermoise decides to give visibility to the ancestral craft activity. It is therefore alongside industrial productions that she shapes her creations by hand, one piece at a time. She re-invents fashion accessories and fancy jewelry, designs and manufactures miniature furniture and many other decorative and event subjects.

Isabel however does not give up the industrial activity. She continues to develop it  with various manufacturing industries. This also targets the vast field of POS/IPV and LAYOUT/MPV on the basis of partnerships in the making, in France.

“Our family is a plastics specialist and more particularly PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER. This means that it transforms recyclable plastic material, such as PMMA, acetates, PET, PETG, PP, PE, etc… thermoplastic raw materials, d “European origin, and 100% recyclable or recycled. These materials have multiple plastic and hypoallergenic properties. These materials reduce the ecological impact to a minimum, with a lot of creativity and elegance” says the entrepreneur.

The other SME Services.

In short, the parent company (Industrial SME) manufactures objects of all shapes, simple or complex, from single pieces to large series, on model or plan, on modern numerically controlled machines. A small business from the north of France, moving towards the industry of the future.

For example, the plastic material is used to make casings, covers, bins, tanks or even urns and protections, machined, thermoformed, curved parts, assembled for industrial needs. In POS, it is rather half spheres, decorative elements, models, all kinds of showcases and displays, DISPLAYs, lettering, signs, laboratory enclosures, showcases and covid counter protections. In layout, it can be as atypical as an aquarium, an illuminated hotel bar, store shelves… A real shared PASSION.