band safe shield

A simple, reusable solution to protect against uncontrolled sputtering, sneezing and coughing.

The band face-shield has been designed for everyone, by the company Design’n Chic (registered design), in a context of Covid 19 shortage. It is manufactured in France.

It is a sleek and soft design for basic functionality: virus barrier protection.

Securing by a knot on the back does appeal to you?  Go for the clip (optional) or the side tie without knot (Design’n Chic explains how to do it).

Contact us for large quantity orders. You can also find our collections of coloured bands delivered with clip, to be bought separately for a bit of fun.

15,00€ – 16,85€ TTC


The band safe shield puts a barrier between your face and the coronavirus.

This face shield is made of thin, transparent and lightweight plastic. It is reusable and can be cleaned according to your use. It is therefore recommended to do this at least once a day.

The band face shield can be cleaned with clear water and liquid soap or Marseille soap using a soft cloth. The band is made of cotton or tergal (50% Cotton/50% Polyester), depending on our arrivals. It can be cleaned by hand, or by machine, at 40°c.

We recommend placing it in a soft cloth after each use. The face shield can easily be scratched.

Product testing

Several physicians/caregivers and pharmacists have adopted it. They like:

  • the provided protection,
  • the comfort of the band,
  • and the ability to keep his glasses on,
  • not only the front protection but also the sides,
  • the ability to reuse it after quick cleaning,
  • its lightness (we end up forgetting it).

Characteristics of the band face shield

  • Material: thin acrylic crystal
  • the band face shield is delivered with its band to be assembled by yourself, instructions provided.
  • Maintenance: Wash with water and liquid soap or Marseille soap, without abrasive. Avoid chemical solutions and in particular alcohol.
  • The plastic is recyclable (yellow bin).
  • Max temperature: 60°c (do not leave it in a car parked in the sun)

For the nursing staff, the face shield does not replace the mask, please wear in conjunction of the filtering mask.

our options  

  • Sizes : Regular (Woman) and longer (Man) (+ 3 cm)
  • Knot (back) or clip (back face attachment).
  • Pattern and band colours depend on our arrivals.

Contact us for large quantity orders

How to wear the band face shield : our tips

  • Position the band just above the eyebrows. Not higher.
  • And according to the option:
  • Tie a knot with the band behind the head,
  • Mount the clip and tighten with both ends.
  • Read also our tips to avoid the knot


These face shields are in the process of being approved. This type of face shield is intended to protect the eyes and face of the user from COVID-type projections.

The model has been registered.

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