Belt Bukle

Belt buckle, or Bracelet, it’s up to you

A pencil for the buckle, a scarf for the belt, and the transformation is real. It’s up to you to play for the colors.

Perfect for those who like to change, simply

99,00€ TTC

Belt Buckle Feature

The Acrylic Crystal Belt Buckle brings the transparency of the material to the service of the fashion accessory.

The loop is such a flat ring of about 100mm, and 30mm wide, like a ring of saturn, and 8 mm thick.

The trick

Take a graphite or colored pencil as you position on the ring.

Form the belt with a scarf that you will tie around the waist.

Pass the 2 pieces of scarf on each side of the pencil, and make the knot on the pencil


For those who also want to use it as a bracelet, choose the inside diameter. To do this, go to “Plexi Bracelet