Transformer of plastic material for over 80 years, we are a company of the oldest French leaders. Our workshops are located in Lille (Hauts de France), 1 hour from Paris (TGV).

The company manufactures objects in all simple or complex forms, from single pieces to large series. The material is made to measure, from plates, tubes, rods, profiles, etc.

Your products are made according to your needs. We adapt the constraints of the job, with our engineers. Thus, the company accompanies you throughout the various stages of your project: the birth of the idea, the prototyping, the realization of the parts in series.

We work daily with designers of objects, in many areas: in particular all industries (aeronautics, automotive, transport, medical and health), layout, events and POS.

Our partners and customers are other plasturgists, designers, architects, designers, carpenters, fitters …