crystal facets bracelet

A chiseled bracelet of goldsmiths

A sublime beauty crystal design. It beams its reflections as the bevels multiply, and attracts the gaze of light. The bracelet is nevertheless discreet, thanks to its transparency. It is your inevitable of your worldly exits, because it makes you shine of its brilliance. And finally, you will be noticed like the majestic and elegant manequin … That’s for sure!

Made in France, in our workshops in Lille

199,00€ TTC


Crystal facets bracelet features

The crystal facets bracelet is a rigid bracelet. It is made from synthetic crystal, which is what gives it its brilliance.
To keep your jewelry as long as new, avoid perfumes and other chemicals, because the material will get damaged.

It measures about 115mm outside diameter, and at a thickness of about 20mm.


There are three sizes: Small (60mm inside), Medium (65mm inside) or Large (70mm inside). You need to choose depending on your hand.


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