Curved transparent countertop shield

A nice curved countertop shield for safety

This basic countertop shield  is a quick, easy and instant solution. It protects from sputtering, sneezing, uncontrolled coughing, especially during the Coronavirus proliferation.

Sleek, soft design with rounded curves for basic functionality.


Due to the Coronavirus, we  manufacture transparent countertops with perforations and cover protection only on demand.

50,00€ – 117,50€ TTC


The Curved transparent Countertop shield is a mobile protective screen made of clear, flexible plastic. This ingenious design, thanks to its light and thin structure, can be fitted in under 2 minutes. Besides, it provides barrier protection against sputtering, sneezing and coughing. The plastic screen forms an effective transparent shield between visitors and employees.

This model is particularly suitable for use at chemist’s counters, post offices, tobacco shops, bakeries, etc.

It is ideal for small businesses looking for mobile protections able to provide a barrier against the Coronavirus.

The countertop shield has a slot in its lower part for delivery of products.

This transparent countertop shield is delivered flat.  It can be easily mounted by bending it by hand and does not require fasteners nor adhesive. It is then placed on the counter and stands upright thanks to its curved shape.


Characteristic of the curved transparent countertop shield 

Material: thin acrylic crystal

Mounted dimensions: (Width) 93cm x (Height) 65cm x (Depth) 20cm

Maintenance: Wash with water and liquid soap or Marseille soap, without abrasive. Avoid chemical products, including alcohol.

Plastic is recyclable

No perforations

Our options :

3 Sises : Mini, Medium and Maxi

  • mini: CURVED MINI: (width) 60 cm x (height) 65cm x (depth) 15 cm, without slot
  • Medium: CURVED MEDIUM: (width) 93 cm x (height) 65cm x (depth) 20 cm, with slot (24 x 8 cm²)
  • Maxi: CURVED MAXI: (width) 93 cm x (height) 90cm x (depth approximately) 20 cm, with slot (24 x 6 cm²)

Contact us for large quantity orders of countertop shields

Models with supports, flat-screen, can be seen in our e-shop.

We have removed from our catalogue and e-shop the models with perforations, (small cylindrical holes Hygiaphone® type). Should you wish to acquire such a model, please contact us

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