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light cube

Create your atmosphere

A luminous Cube ensures a glowing ambient light magnificent by the brilliance of its opal white brilliant and smooth brought by the material we have selected, to manufacture it. The edges of the luminous cube give it a pure and contemporary design. The invoice is beautiful and neat, made in France.

Outra the lighting function, it is also assigned a use of coffee table, side table, or even night table. Great but not too much, just what it takes, for small parts

In its standard version, it comes with a white light bulb. It’s up to you to play the colors, choose our options. For warmer environments, choose the mono lamp red, green, blue, or yellow. And for luminous effects, opt then for our cube with a LED light with multi color effects, (the colors change on their own!).

This product is signed Design’n chic


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Features of the light cube

The material of the light cube: An indisputable quality of material for this luminous cube: shiny white polycarbonate (PC), translucent / diffracting light. You can also put it in shop window because it holds the required fire standards (subject to change of law).

Lighting: the basic product comes with a low consumption 18 W bulb, not mounted. The cube is equipped with a hatch, access opening screwed to the bulbs, on its base (underneath), and a light switch type bedside lamp

Its size: a cube of 36 cm side.

The maximum weight supported is 5 Kg.

It is dedicated to indoor use only.


In Option :

Lightening colors, and / or ambiance. So, choose yours … single-color ambience (white, green, red, yellow), or multicolored ambience with timing, non-programmable sequences, very low consumption …