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Myledbox Studio is the one you need…immediately….myledbox Studio

You will leke Professional quality at a glance.  Your ideal partner for a 360° video is found with this photo studio and its adjustable Led light and integrated Bluetooth turntable.

• designed and manufactured in France by a team of experts.
• A sleek and sober design, customizable with your logo.
• Simple and easy to use with your smartphone (mobile phone) for fast communication on the internet or with a camera for high resolutions!
• A shooting zone +/-30 cm.

Cash purchase (we deliver to you within 7 working days upon receipt of payment), or Rental (LOA) is possible with this studio for professionals (SIREN code required).

Contact us for a demo, information, or easy payment terms.

Made in France

2 608,80€ TTC

The lightbox myledbox  is a glossy, white and black box. It is a video studio for Packshot. The light flux settings of myledbox are accessible via 3 buttons on the front.
The photo studio thus covers the T° range from 2700K to 6500K, (9 pressures, including daylight).
And the light intensity varies from 0 to 6000 lm in the cavity. The third button activates/deactivates 1 flicker (5700K/ 850 lm), ideal for enhancing precious objects.

Myledbox Studio also includes an integrated 25cm tray, controlled by Bluetooth 4.0 Use the application which is downloadable on iphone and Android phones.

It also allows you to trigger most SLRs remotely, via IR. The application also has an API that allows you to: take photos with a white background, add digital filters for intensity and light color. And also, it had a light making the bottom line of the box disappear from your mobile phone camera. Futhermore, Myledbox power supply is integrated. Its 3 meter cord which makes it easy to install in your room. After connecting it to myledbox, then to the mains, an on/off button turns on the box and allows the tray to be started by its application.

Features of this led box

  • Max consumption 64watts@230vac. European plug. 200-240vac, 50/60Hz. Weight 9.5kg. Objects 1 Kg;
  • External dimensions: Height 37cm, Width 39cm. Depth 31cm
  • Internal dimensions of the cavity: height 28.5cm x width 29cm x depth 29cm Accessories: 1 mobile phone holder, 1 hook, 1 central closure with 1/2 slot (h~15cm)
  • Smartphone holder: provided

Possible OPTIONS for your myledbox lightbox:

  1. Buy in LOA
  2. buy our “business” kits, our doors in assorted colors and/or with different slots (soon online).
  3. differentiate your studio with the logo of your company engraved or a printed photo (on estimate only).

LOA, how does it work

If you are interested in the product and you have a registered (Siren) number in France, then you can rent it. Choose the  duration and the years of guarantee you want to subscribe. Then you contact us, and we send you a pre-filled contract. You complete and sign it then send it back to us by email for approval. Our funding organization will respond to you within 1 working day. If accepted, you send 2 copies by courier to the organization and we will take care of sending you the material.

The redemption value = 1 month’s rent


View some videos here