Nespresso capsule dispenser

Nespresso design capsule dispenser

The dispenser of Nespresso capsules and other compatible pods can be placed flat or against a wall, attached to the wall or cupboard or refrigerator door, or even and placed like an easel on a pretty stainless steel stand.

A sleek and soft design for a pretty kitchen.

A model 100% designed and manufactured in France.

46,50€ TTC


The dispenser of nespresso capsules is the design and sober pod holder. It is ideal for your nespresso coffee capsules and equivalent, normal size (small pods).

Delivered assembled, it is ready to use, but it is supplied without the pods.

Features of the capsule dispenser

  • Material: acrylic crystal (plexi)
  • Precautions: Avoid contact with any chemical substance which would deteriorate the material. Washes with water and liquid soap, without abrasives

Our options (color, capacity, fixing)

   1 / choose colors

  • colorless front / behind mirror
  • or white front / behind mirror
  • front black / back, white

   2 / maximum pod storage capacity:

  • 25 capsules max

   3 / fixing method

the capsule dispenser can be used in different ways

  • either horizontally or vertically,
  • flat or not fixed, placed against a wall, by default (included).
  • default wall (included): adhesive or eyelet system on the back (screws not supplied) depending on model

   4 / customization / custom:

  • contact us if you want specific colors or other custom sizes.
  • contact us for large quantities (several hundred, several thousand, several tens of thousands of units)