Nested Table

Small plexi tables, the most useful tables of the house

The plexi trundle tables combine with all the furniture and styles of the house. Small, these 3 tables easily find their place in the house. They fit into each other. But also used separating, in the room like night table. As an aperitif, everyone has a small side table. In the office, a printer is placed.

They exist in 2 colors: Colorless and Satin opaline white,

These tables are signed Design’n Chic. They are made in our workshops in France.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Features of the nested tables

The trundle tables are small sizes:

  • The bigger one: width  45cm x height. 29cm x depth. 32cm
  • the middle : width 40.5cm x height 26.5cm x depth 32cm
  • The small: width. 37cm x height. 25 cm x depth32 cm

Their Material is noble:

In PMMA, acrylic glass (Plexiglas® or other brand)


Choose the color of your trundle tables, by going in option. There are 2 colors,

  • transparent colorless, 8mm thick
  • translucent satin white, in thickness of 6mm

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