passion word cup

Very trendy word cup, all uses

A useful and super pretty word pocket, for everyday use with strong messages and booster for the day. A choice of elegant words.

A small and chic transparent cup, made in our workshop in Lille, created for the publication in

The essentials of Isabel d’Esquermoise is a very useful and super nice empty-pocket for everyday use..

30,00€ – 40,00€ TTC


A passion word cup, elegant and useful. Real loose jewelry plate, or to convert into a useful and super pretty storage pocket for everyday use. You can put your precious little things not to lose there, your keys, and lots of other personal belongings, mini size.

Strong messages, which punctuate our life, are inscribed there. We discover them on waking, and all day long. A beautiful wave booster.

A small word cup made and personalized in our workshop in Lille. I draw, I decorate, I grace, I cut, and I fold, craft work for these delightful little objects.

Ideal to put your jewelry on before bed, or put your keys on a piece of furniture, or put the little things you don’t want to lose.

Features of the empty-pocket, passion word cup

  • Material: acrylic crystal (plexi)
  • Size: 10 x 10 x 4 cm3
  • Cautions : Avoid contact with any chemical that would degrade the material. Wash with water and liquid soap, without abrasives

our options (the choice of words)

Choose your message between :

  • “Life is Beautiful”
  • “Life is beautiful”
  • “osez être vous”
  • “Amour je t’aime”
  • “J’aime la vie”
  • “On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur, l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux” A de St Exupéry
    or the message bearing our image:
  • “THE ESSENTIALS by Isabel d’Esquermoise”, created on the occasion of our publication in the ESSENTIALS by :  INCONTOURNABLES de

Contact-us when you want to personalize the empty pocket for tailor-made events, and for quantities greater than 50