Photo on Plexi

30,00€ – 65,00€ TTC


Do you dream of a photo on plexi? So, do not wait any longer. Design’n Chic engraves your photos on clear plexi, black and white effect. Here is indeed the process to follow.

  1. You prepare your photo or logo (1 to 2 MB, jpeg format, high contrast).
  2. Then choose the media format from the available options
  3. Finally, you place your order and you set it.
  4. We check, and we notify you of the production (preparation and engraving)
  5. We publish the proofs in our Parisian studios, and produce in our Lille workshops then you ship the product (*)

(*) subjected to the eligibility of your photo

The final result really depends on your photo  itself (sufficient size, high contrast). We reserve the right to refuse the order, if the photo quality provided is not acceptable.

The order is not cancelable. You can nevertheless cancel it with a fee of 5 €, until step 4.

Options are the Format of the engraved sheet (**) of clear plexi 3mm:

  1. 120×80 mm² (default)
  2. 120×120 mm²
  3. 60×25 mm², key holder format
  4. Round, 50mm diameter, key ring

(**) the photo does not touch the edges of the plexi. The photo is centered in the frame