plexi bracelet

A beautiful bracelet

A perfectly round and flat design, a basic of the collection crystal jewelery design’n chic. It will attract attention because the light plays with its reflections. The bracelet remains discreet, thanks to its transparency. It is your inevitable of your evenings, because it makes you shine of its brilliance. And finally, you will be noticed … That’s for sure!

And why not also try it in belt loop! Look. What do you think?

Made in France, in our workshop based in Lille (North of France).


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Features of the plexi bracelet

The plexi bracelet is a rigid bracelet. It is made from synthetic crystal, which is what gives it its brilliance and let him shine this way.
To keep your jewelry like new, avoid perfumes and other chemicals because the material will get damaged.

Plexi bracelet options:

There are three sizes: Small (60mm inside), Medium (65mm inside) or Large (70mm inside), depending on your hand.


Ideas: and why would not you also use it in belt loop?