Plexi plane

Pleasure of Plexi material, for aircraft lovers

The Plexi plane is a decorative object. Placed on a piece of furniture or in a display case, it will delight the eye and will remind you of the time of aviation pioneers: The time of daredevils and acrobats, crazy geniuses and extraordinary machines: Leonardo da Vinci, the Mongolfier brothers, Otto Lillienthal, Clément Ader, the Wright brothers, Santos Dumont, Louis Blériot, Glenn Curtis, Harriet Quimby etc …

A sleek and soft design for a pretty house or a nice display to present your products. It is not a toy.

40,00€ – 60,00€ TTC


The Plexi plane is a small decorative object, for collectors or not.

Are you a hotel or event company, or an individual looking for designer products, or just curious? Then discover our small planes in colorless Plexi and other decorative items online. Consult us, without hesitation. We are indeed tailor-made manufacturer-designers, pioneers of plastic for 3 generations.

Features of the Plexi aircraft

  • Material: acrylic crystal (plexi), colorless, and
  • Delivered assembled
  • Precautions to be taken: Avoid contact with any chemical substance which would deteriorate the material. Clean with a cloth soaked in a dust-free cleaning product designed for acrylic materials

our options (customization: colors, sizes)

  • Plane
  • Bi-plane

But you want more. And you dream of differentiating yourself. So choose specific choices, among the following options:

colorless (catalog color), 12×12 cm (standard size)
If you want specific colors or other sizes, contact us: black, navy blue, red ….
or if you prefer wooden … just ask for it. We will create just for you.


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