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Plexi tray

So lovely this plexi tray. I want it !

Basically clear, or can be customized. Our customisation services will be available soon on line. However, contact us for big quantities

The plexi tray is the basic to have, for your receptions, appetizers, or tea between buddies (girlfriends). This chic tray exists in colorless, in discrete touch of water green color, with velvet touch, in this translucent white opaline & satin. Its elegance seduces you already? You’ll love its soft shapes don’t you?. This product is signed by Design’n Chic

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External sizes of the plexi tray: 37 cm x 47 cm x 4mm

Material: PMMA, crystal Acrylic (plexiglass® type).

4 small studs under the shelf raise it by a few mm.

The tray is signed “DnC” for Design’n chic


Tray Options

  • Color: Transparent colorless, Transparent white satin, transparent pale green satin
  • The plexi tray is customizable. This is the original idea of a unique gift that will surprise and seduce you.


IDEAS and TRICKS : Contact us for the personalization service. A special color, a single engraving, or the silkscreen of a pattern. It is perfectly suited for events.

Cautions for use: Satin trays are resistant to scratches. Clean plexi trays with soap and water, simply, and avoids any mechanical aggression