showcase for placomusophiles

Luxury placomusophile display case : for collectors of champagne capsules or coins.

Friends placomusophiles, here is a real showcase for your collections of champagne capsules.

The A4 format of the placomusophile showcase displays 40 pieces in the notches provided for this purpose. Attach your display case to a wall, in portrait format. 2 holes are provided to hang them.

The capsules do not move, trapped in their individual cavities of the placomusophile window. The closure is achieved by screws or magnets. The transparency of plexiglas ® highlights the splendor of your collection.

49,00€ TTC

Features of the showcase for Placomusophiles

A placomusophilic showcase contains 40 capsules maximum.

External dimensions: 21 cm x 29.7 cm, e = 18 mm,
Material: PMMA, (Plexiglas® Acrylic Resin), clear .
Closing magnets or screws for finxing the 3 parts

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