wavy bracelet

A bracelet to wear as often as you like

The wavy crystal bracelet has amazing reflections. Depending on the season, it will be chosen colorless, clear pastel, or opaque color. The series are limited, Never let the color that tempts you for a long time, …. this vaway bracelet is sublime on your arm. This modern fantasy jewel will please you for its originality. Made in France.

Available in several colors and sizes. This is a Bracelet from the Design’n Chic crystal jewelry collection.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Features of the wavy bracelet

The wavy bracelet is a stif bracelet.

It is made from synthetic crystal, and engraved patterns
To keep your jewelry looking new, avoid perfumes and other chemicals., otherwiser it would be damaged.

The bracelet is rigid. If you force the opening, it will break … Choose the right size

Wavy Bracelet Options:

Color and size